In our frenetic and high-tech today, when the world’s population is increasing out of control it is hard for one to be noticed against the background of billions of competitors. People with greater financial resources are trying by tuning or their car, yacht or aircraft or through buying the most expensive models possible to be different and to demonstrate their sensation of beauty. But tuning consumes more time, and even the most expensive car brands have their limits of the models.

Branding gives everyone an opportunity to transform, in short time and a treasonable prices, his/her personal transport on land, air and water.

If only you like to, you can change the image of your automobile seasonally.

For weddings and graduations you can pamper your car with Sunday clothes.

You don’t need to change your yacht each year, just make so that the sun light refracts in a different way by its hull. That is to say brand it giving vent to your wishes and imagination.

Christo Javacheff set the bar high, but for us also there are not too big objects for branding.

Just give us a place to stand on.

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